Bespoke suits

A Bespoke Suit differs from a made-to-measure suit, in that it’s every part is completely made by hand by our store’s tailors.

The first phase in making a bespoke suit is similar to a made-to-measure one’s – we decide the use for which the suit is going to be in. After this, our tailor can recommend you just the right fabrics from hundreds of different quality and color options. Next, our tailor will design a pattern from his notes and your measurements. From the pattern, we make a fitting prototype, which is fitted to ascertain measurements and details. In the second fitting, the suit is starting to look ready, but we will still do some improvements in the fit before the last fitting. Usually making a bespoke suit takes six weeks, depending on the schedule of the client and the customer and how many fittings are needed. Normally four to five fittings are necessary.

Bespoke suits – price list

  • Miesten Räätälinpuku 2900€
  • Naisten Räätälinpuku 1900€
  • Tuxedo 3200€
  • Morning coat 3300€
  • Tailcoat 3700€
  • Suit jacket 1600€
  • Overcoat 2400€
  • Vest 600€
  • Dress pants 900€
  • Dress shirt 500€
Prices are starting ones and contain 24% VAT
Bespoke suit

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