We believe in superior quality and modern style.

Our suits are always canvassed, making the suit lighter and more breathable. By choosing a made-to-measure suit, you can decide how your suit looks and fits by choosing the model and the details. Our made-to-measure suits are made in Italy.

italialaiset mittatilauspuvut


Made-to-measure suit process

1. Choose the color and the material

Let us know for what purpose your suit will be and we will help you to select select the right material and color. For any kind of occasion we will help you to find the best option.

2. Style and details

Bring out your personality and decide how your suit will look. You can choose styling of the jacket, buttons, pockets and a wide range of other details.

3. Taking the measurements

Taking the measurements is a very simple and fast process. This is also when the various lengths and the fit are decided.

4. The last fitting and trying on the ready suit

Your suit will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks. During the last fitting we want to ensure your suit looks great and fits perfectly. If necessary, we will make alterations free of charge and your suit will be ready for pick-up within a couple of days.


The prices are starting from 700 euros. Final price is determined by the model and material.