Holland & Sherry was founded in 1836 in London, England. The wool and silk fabrics specialized factory delivers fabrics for tailors and couture designers all over the world. DANDY HELSINKI offers our clients a wide selection of Holland & Sherry-made fabrics for made-to-measure wear. 

Here in this blog post, we want to showcase three of our favorites from the Holland & Sherry Masquerade collection. This collection offers luxury and dignity in a style, which sometimes we all need when we experience special and memorable moments in life. Especially now in the peak of the festival season.

These fabrics we have chosen fit perfectly in the festive season of Christmas and new year, and also when you’re looking for an invigorating ensemble. You have a choice between a two-part bespoke suit or a three-part suit with a vest.

This dazzling Masquerade by Holland & Sherry –black, with silver lurex grid check (92 % wool and 8 % silvery lurex filament) is a classic grid check from the collection. But the specialty of it is the metallic lurex -thread, which livens the otherwise black fabric and makes the whole appear more festive. 

Masquerade by Holland & Sherry –red crocodile skin velvet (50% cotton 50% viscose) is a lustrous red velvet, which imitates crocodile skin. An excellent choice for a blazer, that will distinguish itself through the festivity.

Masquerade by Holland & Sherry – black with gold lurex stripe (worsted) is a certain and dignified choice for a suit that will go along with a wide spectrum of other colors. The golden lurex thread shimmers when hit by a stray beam of light, creating a classically stylish whole. with a modern twist.

Dandy Helsinki