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Tailoring and sewing alterations

Do you have a suit that requires alterations? Maybe the sleeves are too long, the waist is too tight, or the suit does not sit well? Whether it be any piece of clothing or alteration, we can complete it with high quality and skill.

See our tailoring and sewing alteration prices here.

Taking measurements

Perhaps you have found your dream piece, but you are unsure is it going to fit - or you want to order a suit with your own measurements online? Do not worry, we will help.

We can take your measurements, so you can make your purchases with confidence. Our measurement taking fee is 50€. We take measurements for jackets, trousers, shirts and dresses.


Our made-to-measure suits are made in Italy. You can choose from various colors, fabrics and details.

The whole process will take about an hour. We will take your measurements and help you design your suit. Our made-to-measure suits cost from 700€ including jacket and trousers.

Bespoke tailor

Tailor creates the patterns from scratch, exact to customer's measurements, making every piece unique and one of a kind. Our suits are made entirely in our own store located in the heart of Helsinki.

Bespoke tailoring requires 4 appointments with the tailor. First two appointments can be arranged even at your workplace without any additional expenses.