A bespoke suit is created from love and appreciation of style and handwork.

Tailor creates the patterns, exact to customer's measurements, making every piece unique and one of a kind. A bespoke suit is not a made-to-measure suit. It carries more than customer's basic measurements - because the suit is made to fit like a glove. The bespoke suit is lighter, more detailed and made from much finer materials. There are no design limits and the suit can last for decades. We create bespoke suits for men and women in our own store in the heart of Helsinki.

Bespoke tailoring requires four appointments with the tailor. First two appointments can be arranged even at your workplace without any additional expenses.


Suits from 1800 € (jacket + trousers). The second pair of trousers 600 €
Jackets and blazers from 1200 €
Vests from 600 €
Trousers from 700 €
Shirts from 350 €

The final price is determined by the model and the material.


Bespoke tailoring process

1. Design

During the first meeting the shape and the style of the jacket is being discussed. We help you to select the material and details of the suit. Tailor takes your measurements, advises and guides you through the entire process. You can also bring inspiration pictures of your dream suit and we will find a solution to create the suit of your dreams.

2. The first fitting

During the second meeting we will create the shape for the suit and decide the details.

3. The second fitting

The suit is ready, yet sometimes small alterations might be applied such as adjusting the slits, changing the length of the trousers or adding small details into the suit.

4. The final fitting and the suit is ready

This is the last step of your bespoke suit. This is when the final fitting happens and your suit is finished.


“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art ”
– Oscar Wilde